TECHNADIS Professzionális felület impregnáló anyagok

Jellemzők :  Víz, és olajok elleni hatékony impregnálás.

Felhasználási terület : vízszintes és függőleges , természetes és beton, esztrich, stb kőfelületek.

Plusz faktor : Graffiti elleni preventiv védelem !!!

Ajánlatkérés, : információ : [email protected]

AQUASHIELD Ultimate: is a novel water-repellent product based on nano-technology, which converts porous substrates such as stone, concrete, ceramic, wood, etc.., in an innovative technological product, protecting against damaging action of water and moisture, and providing additional distinctive properties. Another additional advantage is its extremely low price and highly competitive, about half than its most prestigious competitors. Furthermore, it is characterized by its high performance, becoming in an alternative of excellent price-performance ratio.

– Tecnadis GRAFPROTECT: It is a product specifically designed for the protection against paints/graffiti for both porous surfaces of construction materials and non-porous surfaces (metals and some plastics). It is a permanent protector coating with anti-graffiti properties which endows surfaces with anti-adherence properties avoiding paints and graffiti penetration into the different materials and, therefore, facilitating their cleaning to a great extent and reducing markedly the costs associated to the process. It is worth to mention that, as it is a product highly permanent, with just one application it is possible to carry out a high number of cleanings (removals of paints/graffiti) maintaining completely its properties after the cleanings. The paints or graffiti performed over the different surfaces treated with our innovative anti-graffiti coating can be easily removed resulting in an ideal solution for the protection and maintenance of every kind of facades, pavements and non-porous structures.

Apart from the products for the construction sector, Following, we describe you the most successful ones:

– Tecnadis SELFCLEAN: It is an innovative solution that gives glasses in which is applied self-cleaning properties. This coating allows water to extend over the surface creating a thin layer which dries homogeneously, protecting the treated surfaces from the appearance of dirt marks. In this way, it facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of exterior glass surfaces, reducing radically its frequency and costs in ranges higher than 50%.

– Tecnadis GWR: Novel rain repellent product for car windshield which improves visibility when driving without requiring the use of wipers. Its outstanding properties and its better quality-price rate against its competitors have made Tecnadis GWR to position itself as the number one in the Spanish market with an about 80% share as well as to win a considerable market in Europe.

In this sense, it is worth to highlight that the most competitive and well-known companies dedicated to windscreen repairing such as AUTOMOTIVE GLASS PROFESSIONALS, GLASSDRIVE, RALARSA, CARGLASS, GLASS TALLERES or CRISTALBOX among others, are already using TECNADIS GWR, having replaced the products normally used by this new one.

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